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1) Purpose and values of MyUITP


MyUITP is a secured membership portal allowing UITP members to exchange information with their network in a spirit of innovation, expertise, respect and sharing, which are our main values.

Each MyUITP user shall follow the code of ethics of MyUITP:

  • not behave in a way nor perform operations that may affect the smooth functioning of the platform
  • not publish content, messages or Internet links of a racist, defamatory, coarse, aggressive, violent or discriminatory nature
  • not publish nor share information infringing copyrights, author rights, database rights , image rights or right to the respect of privacy, or infringing any legislative or regulatory provision in force.

We (UITP) reserve the right to delete any content posted on MyUITP that doesn’t fit with our values or our code of ethics.

We (UITP) reserve the right to exclude any MyUITP user acting against our values or our code of ethics.


2) Conditions of use


To access and use MyUITP, you must:

  • be a UITP member
  • be up-to-date with your membership fees
  • accept to post content in line with our values: innovation, expertise, respect, sharing
  • accept our privacy policy (see below)

We (UITP) reserve the right to exclude any MyUITP user that does not respect these conditions of use.


3) Privacy


a. Confidentiality

MyUITP is a closed network, exclusively dedicated to UITP members in order to exchange information amongst professionals of the public transport sector. All information shared on MyUITP should therefore be considered as confidential and reserved to UITP members.

MyUITP users agree not to publish, share and exchange illicit contents and not to use MyUITP for illicit activities.

b. Cookies

In order to improve your user experience on the platform, MyUITP uses cookies that are linked to UITP’s database. UITP exclusively uses your data to its own working, communication and marketing purposes. Your personal data won’t be shared with or sold to third parties, with the exception of:

  • if we have been asked to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes,
  • if we are party to existing or future legal proceedings,
  • if we are selling one or more of our businesses to someone to whom we may transfer our rights under any customer agreement we have with you.

You can accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser.

Click here to read the complete privacy policy of MyUITP.

Click here to read the complete cookie policy of MyUITP.


4) Intellectual property


a. Photos, videos, documents

MyUITP allows UITP members to share all kinds of documents: pictures, presentations, videos, reports… For every document you share, please indicate the copyright.

If no copyright/authors’ rights are specified, UITP will consider that the documents posted on MyUITP are copyright/authors’ rights free.

UITP reserves the right to use, reproduce and freely modify the copyright free pictures posted on MyUITP in leaflets, brochures, books, magazines and social networks for professional use.

Other MyUITP users may do the same. UITP is not responsible if its members reuse your pictures without mentioning the copyrights/author rights you’ve indicated or use your pictures for commercial purposes.

b. Logos

For professional use, UITP reserves the right to save and reuse company logos posted on MyUITP.


5) Contact


Should you have any questions regarding the use of MyUITP, please contact: emilie.dubos(at)uitp.org

For questions regarding your membership status, please contact the members’ hotline: +32 (0)2 663 66 66 or send an e-mail to samira.mezghad(at)uitp.org

For questions regarding our privacy policy, please send an email to privacypolicy(at)uitp.org.


To use MyUITP, you have to accept all terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement by clicking on “Accept”.