I- Getting started with MyUITP


1) Complete your profile


Completing your profile allows UITP and other UITP members to get to know you and interact with you in a better way.

To edit your picture, your personal data and your interests, first click on your profile icon, which is the first icon on the left-hand side of the dark header menu at the top of the page.



a. Picture

To change your portrait picture, click on “Edit photo” and upload your photo by following the instructions. Your picture will be automatically resized.

IMPORTANT! Choose a nice, professional picture: as MyUITP is linked to our database, this picture may potentially appear in our publications (member list, lists of speakers for our events, etc.)


b. Personal data

To update your personal data (telephone number, Twitter username, job title…), click on “Edit profile” and fill in the different fields. 


Your first name, last name, company and member data appear automatically as they are recorded in our database and cannot be modified here. If you notice a mistake, please contact us.


2) Define your notification settings 


In the header menu, on the right-hand side, click on “Settings”.


a. Check your e-mail address

Click on “Change your settings”. Check that the e-mail address indicated is the right one.

IMPORTANT! UITP will use this e-mail address to contact you for all kinds of notifications (personal contact, invitation to events, invoicing, questions…). If you change it, it will be changed in UITP’s database.


b. Define your personal e-mail notifications

With MyUITP, you can choose if you want to be alerted by e-mail or via the MyUITP online mailbox when specific content is posted. To configure these settings, click on “Notifications”.

E-mail or inbox alert?

If you want to be alerted by e-mail when you receive notifications, tick the “Email” box. This e-mail corresponds to the address indicated in your settings.

If you prefer to be alerted in MyUITP itself, tick the “Site” box. You will then see the number of new notifications each time you log-in.



If you don’t want to receive any notifications, don’t tick either box.


Personal notifications are messages, news, etc, related to your content.

Peer collections are the groups of peers you’re in contact with. (See I-4 “Sort your peers”). You can attribute notifications for each peer collection without having to select the same notifications for each peer within the collection.

Notifications per user enable you to select the notifications you want to receive for the contents related to each one of your peers.


3) Find your peers


MyUITP is a social network that enables you to contact all other UITP members easily.

To find your peers amongst nearly 14,000 possible contacts, you just have to go to the member directory by clicking on “MEMBERS” in the main menu.

Then, the search tool on the right–hand side enables you to search by name, company, location or sector.


Once you have selected the criteria, a list of people appears. Now, you just have to select your possible peers and click on “Add peer” for each person. A peer request is sent, it is now up to your contact to accept it or not.


4) Sort your peers


You will find the list of your peers in the Peers section, accessible through the second icon on the left-hand side of the top menu:


Your newest peers appear at the top of the list.

To manage your contacts easily, don’t forget to use the Peer Collection functionality (accessible in the sub-menu on the right-hand side of the page).


The “peer collection” functionality allows you to arrange your many contacts into groups that you can then label as you want.

To sort your peers, go to the peers section (by clicking on the peers icon on the left-hand side of the top header menu).

Then, on the right-hand side submenu, choose “peer collections”.

You can now create and edit your collections of contacts:

  • enter a collection name (e.g.: Spanish contacts, Working group, Rail contacts…);
  • select the peers you would like to belong to this collection;
  • click on “Save”.

If you create a news item, you can then choose if you want to address it to all MyUITP users, to your peers, or to your different peer collections.


5) Join groups


The list of all groups on MyUITP is accessible through the “GROUPS” item in the main menu. There are two kinds of group: open groups and closed groups.

To join a closed group, you must be invited by the owner of the group.

To join an open group, click on the name of the group to open it. Then click on the “Join group” icon under the title of the group. You are now a member of the group!


6) Post contents


On MyUITP, you can post different kinds of content (reports as PDF or Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, pictures, videos, articles…) and you can choose who you would like to share this content with (everybody on MyUITP? All your peers? Some of your peers?..)


a) I want to post a news item

-In the main menu, click on “NEWS”, then “Add news post”.

- Fill in the different fields (Title, Excerpt, Body…). Don’t forget to insert some tags (keywords)!

- Define the settings of the news post:

Comments: with this option you can choose whether the readers of your news post will be able to comment on it (on) or not (off). If you allow comments, be prepared to answer the questions and react to the comments!

Access: Here you can choose who will be able to see your news.

  • Private: just you and the administrators of MyUITP
  • Peers: only you and your peers
  • Logged-in users: all MyUITP users
  • (Peer collection names): only you and your peer collections

Status: You can choose to save your post as a draft if you want to finish writing it later for example. By default, the status is “published”: by clicking on “save”, the news will be automatically published.

- To publish your news, just click on “Save”.

See also:

- II- How can I insert a picture in a news post?  


b) I want to post a picture

- In the main menu, click on “PHOTOS”, then “Upload photos”.

- Create a new album or choose an existing one (then click on “continue”).

- Edit your new album by filling in the different fields – don’t forget the tags!

- Define the settings of the album with the “Access” field: who will see your album?

  • Private: just you and the administrators of MyUITP
  • Peers: only you and your peers
  • Logged-in users: all MyUITP users
  • (Peer collection names): only you and your peer collections

- To publish your album, just click on “Save”.


c) I want to share a video

First of all, make sure that the video you would like to share is already stored on one of these open streaming platforms:

  • dailymotion.com
  • video.google.com
  • vimeo.com
  • youtube.com

Copy the URL of the video.

Example: youtube.com:


Then in MyUITP in the main menu click on “VIDEOS”, then “Add video”.

-Fill in the title field, paste the URL of the video in the “Enter video URL” field and don’t forget to insert a description and some tags (keywords)!

- Define the settings of the video with the “Access” field: who will see your video?

  • Private: just you and the administrators of MyUITP
  • Peers: only you and your peers
  • Logged-in users: all MyUITP users
  • (Peer collection names): only you and your peer collections

- To publish your video, just click on “Save”.




About the settings


1) Why do I have these login details?


Your login details are automatically generated by UITP’s database, where you are registered as a UITP member. This login and password are unique and allow you to access MyUITP and the e-library Mobi+. All UITP members are provided with their own login details and benefit from access to these services.


2) Can I change my password?


No, you cannot change your password since it is (and has to be) automatically generated by UITP’s database. But if you can’t remember your password, just contact us, we will provide you with a new one.


3) How do I change my profile settings?

To edit your profile, click on your profile icon - the first icon on the left-hand side of the header menu.

See I-1 -Complete your profile


4) How can I receive or stop receiving e-mail notifications when there is new activity on MyUITP?


In the header menu, on the right-hand side, click on “Settings”, then on "Notifications".

See I-2 - Define your notification settings


5) I have posted a picture in a closed group but I can still see it in the PHOTOS menu. Why? Is this normal?


Yes, it is normal. You can see all content you’ve posted but this content won’t be displayed on the screens of other people who are not allowed to see it. This is also how it works for files, polls, news, etc.


About the functionalities


6) What is the difference between the wire and the news?


The wire enables you to write short, unformatted news, whereas the news allows you to write longer posts with pictures and formatted text. Another important difference: your Wire post will be seen by anyone on MyUITP whereas you can choose a target for your news by selecting “private”, “peers” or “logged-in users” in the “Access” section at the bottom of the news editing page.


7) Can I report content that doesn’t fit with the user policy?


Yes, if you notice any inappropriate content, please notify us by clicking on the “Report this” icon located at the very bottom of every page. Your e-mail will be sent to our community manager and we will respond as soon as possible.


8) How do I find my peers?


You can find your peers in the members directory ("MEMBERS" menu). MyUITP also suggests you some contacts to add to your peers (see the "Suggested peers" section on the right-hand side of the homepage).

See I-3 -  Find your peers


9) How can I create a new group?


There are 2 kinds of group:

  • closed groups
  • open groups

If you would like to create a closed group, first become a peer with the people you would like to have in your group. If the group is meant to be open, you don’t need to have peers to create it. In the main menu, click on “GROUPS”, then “Create a new group”.

Fill in the different fields:

  • Group icon: select a picture to illustrate your group and to identify it more quickly.
  • Group name: this name will be displayed in the global list.
  • Description: write a small paragraph to present your group: why this group, who can join, etc.
  • Brief description: Just a few words to clarify the purpose of this group. It will appear under the name of your group in the global list. - Tags: Enter a few keywords related to your group (ex: Bus, Metro, Asia…).
  • Group membership permission: choose who will be able to join this group.
  • Who can see this group?: Here you can choose whether the name of your group will be displayed in the global groups list and whether it can be seen by:
    • Public = all MyUITP users
    • Group members only = people who have joined the group
    • Logged-in users = all MyUITP users
  • Settings (“Enable…”): Select the options that you think will be useful for your group. To create your group, click on “Save”.


10) How can I insert a picture or an attachment in a news post?


When you edit a news post, if you want to insert a picture/file, click on “embed content” above the editing window. Then “Upload a picture/file”. Once the picture/file appears in the list of your files, click on it: it will then be displayed as a small picture in the body of your message. Once your message is published, it will be possible for readers to enlarge your picture simply by clicking on it. You will be able to reuse this picture or file in later news posts.


III - Glossary



When you post content, you can choose to address it to everybody or just to your peers. The “Access” field enables you to choose your target. You will find it at the bottom of the page that you are editing.


In the main menu, the first item “Activity” enables you to see the latest updates on MyUITP (who has joined, what contents were posted, what discussions are ongoing…). You can scroll down and react to what you see by commenting on the posts, liking them, adding files…

See also:

- II-6 - What is the difference between the wire and the news?

- III - Wire (the)


Under the Events section you will find a list of all public transport events in the world put online by the UITP team and UITP members. Of course, as a UITP member you are also allowed to post your own event, as long as it fits with our Policy. If you create an event, don’t forget: the more information there is, the better!


Files are documents (Word, PDF, Powerpoint…) that you can share with other UITP members, either through the FILES menu (in the main menu), or inside groups you belong to. You can post as many files as you want, but the size of each file is limited to 5MB.


The purpose of groups is to facilitate work between UITP members. Groups are areas dedicated to the exchange of information related to the group theme (formulation). There are two kinds of group: open ones (any MyUITP user may join) and closed ones (users must be invited to join). To access the groups list, click on “GROUPS” in the main menu. By using the search tool on the right-hand side of the page, you can search groups that you would like to join.

The groups on MyUITP are not linked to our database, which means that they won’t automatically be imported into our database.


Members are UITP members. MyUITP is exclusively for UITP members. All UITP members have access to MyUITP and to Mobi+. To find members and expand your network, search for them in the member directory (“MEMBERS” item in the main menu).


See II-6 - What is the difference between the wire and the news?


Your password has been generated by our database and allows you to connect to MyUITP and to Mobi+. Every MyUITP user has their own password. You have received your password in a personalised e-mail sent by UITP. If you have lost it, it is possible to recover it by clicking on “Obtain or recover a password”

See also:

- II-2 - Can I change my password? 


Your peers are your contacts in MyUITP: friends, people you know or would like to know better, colleagues… You can choose your peers and manage your contacts using peer collections.

See also:

- I-3 - Find your peers

- I-4 - Sort your peers


A poll is a small survey open to everybody or to specific people, depending on the access settings defined by its creator. You will find the list of ongoing polls in the main menu by clicking on “POLLS”. You can also launch your own poll inside a group, provided that this option is enabled in the group’s settings.


Tags are keywords used to make it easier to find information. All tags are stored in the system and are directly accessible via the tag cloud on the right-hand side of every page. Thanks to the tags, content is identified, labelled and sorted, so that it is easy to find when entering keywords in the general search field: When creating and editing your news, articles, publications, events, etc, don’t forget to add tags!


MyUITP allows you to share videos that are hosted on different public streaming platforms such as Youtube or Dailymotion.

See also:

- I-6-c-  I want to post a video

Wire (the)

The wire is a short message (140 characters max.) that will be displayed on the activity wall on the homepage. You cannot edit it or select the people who can see it. All MyUITP users can potentially see it.

See also:

- II-6 - What is the difference between the wire and the news?